Curriculum Vitae & Recent Scientific Activity

Minos Tyllianakis

He was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. At the age of 18 he entered the Medical School of Athens University after successful exams, graduated after 6 years and obtained his doctoral thesis from the same University with ‘excellent’ degree in 1984.

He has served as an officer in the Greek Army.

Minos Tyllianakis was appointed as an Orthopaedic Registrar in the Orthopaedic Department of Patras University Hospital in 1989. He was elected lecturer of Patras University in 1992, assistant professor in 1997, associate professor in 2003 and professor in 2007.

He has authored 113 papers in international scientific journals which can be traced in the Web. He has given 230 oral presentations in congresses and symposia in Greece and abroad. Some of them have been awarded. As an invited speaker he has given 408 lectures, mainly abroad.

He has organized or co-organized 67 national and international congresses, courses, symposia, the most prominent being the globally known AOTrauma course on osteosynthesis in Davos, Switzerland (2015 and 2016).

He has been member of AO International, the largest globally organization specialized in training surgeons in orthopaedic traumatology and has founded its Greek Chapter (AOTrauma Chapter Greece) in 2008, which he chaired until 2019. He served as president of South-eastern Europe of this foundation from 2015 to 2017.

He has been the Greek delegate in European organizations, has participated in international research programs and has been member of 14 orthopaedic, Greek and international, societies and editorial boards of orthopaedic journals. He has been Section Editor of the world-renowned journal Hip International since 7.2018.

He has been trained in hand surgery and microsurgery in Switzerland and USA).

He had been Head of the Orthopaedic Department of Patras University Hospital (2016-2019), Chairman of the Surgical Section of Patras University (2015-2018) and since 2020 Head of the Rehabilitation Clinic for Spinal Cord Injuries of Patras University []

Main scientific and clinical interests

orthopaedic trauma surgery, reconstructive surgery, upper limb surgery, microsurgery, foot and ankle surgery, rehabilitation


Oral presentations in Greek congresses

There are 21 in Greek (please see the Greek page)

Oral presentations in international congresses

  1. The effect of group versus home-based exercise programme on quality of life and mood disorders in elderly with sarcopenia: a randomized controlled trial

    Tsekoura M, Billis E, Tsepis E, Matzaroglou C, Dimitriadis Z, Tyllianakis M, Panagiotopoulos E, Gliatis J

    World Conferrence on Osteoporosis Osteoarthritis and Musculosceletal Diseases, Paris, 4-7.4.2019

  2. Is calf circumference a valid clinical measure for evaluating muscle mass in the elderly ?

    Tsekoura M, Billis E, Tsepis E, Matzaroglou C, Tyllianakis M, Panagiotopoulos E, Gliatis J

    World Conferrence on Osteoporosis Osteoarthritis and Musculosceletal Diseases, Paris, 4-7.4.2019

  3. Supervised group-exercise versus home-based exercisetherapy: their effects on balance and fear of falling in elderly with sarcopenia

    Tsekoura M, Billis E, Tsepis E, Dimitriadis Z, Tyllianakis M, Panagiotopoulos E, Gliatis J

    WPCT Congress, Geneva, 10-13.5.2019

  4. Predictors of outcome of 285 patients with arterial trauma managed during a 30-year period

    Stavros Kakkos , Minos Tyllianakis , Andreas Panagopoulos , Zinon Kokkalis, Ioanna Lianou, Efstratios Koletsis, Ioannis Tsolakis, Ioannis Maroulis

    33 rd Annual Meeting European Society for Vascular Surgery, Hamburg, 24-27.9.2019

  5. Non-Reconstructable Head-Split Fractures- Dislocations Of The Proximal Humerus With Metaphyseal Comminution Treated With Metaphyseal Circlage Wiring Kai Shoulder Hemiarthroplasty With Long Stem: Description Of 2 Cases 

    A Panagopoulos, A Bavelou, E Papanikos, I Lianou, D Tatarakis, D Avramidis, M Tyllianakis

    Virtual EFORT Congress (VEC), 28 October - 30 October 2020.

  6. Midterm Clinical Results And Complications In Patients With Malleolar Fracture Dislocation Who Underwent A Two-Stage Protocol, First With External Fixation And Later With ORIF

    A Panagopoulos, AI Bavelou, E Papanikos, D Athanasopoulos, I Lianou, A Kouzelis Z Kokkalis, M Tyllianakis

    Virtual EFORT Congress (VEC), 28 October - 30 October 2020.

  7. The effect of vitamins Cyanocobalamin (B12) and 25-OH-vitamin D3 (D3) and anticholinergic drugs on balance and falls. Results from a geriatric patients sample in the clinic for fall prevention, osteoporosis and sarcopenia (C.F.P.O.S) of the General Univer

    K Stolakis, Z Kokkalis, E Antoniadou, X Kalivioti, A Koloniari, M Mentis, P Megas, M Tyllianakis, E Panagiotopoulos

    EuGMS E-CONGRESS 2020 October 7/9

  8. Covid-19: Lessons and Challenges for health care for old people


  1. Rehabilitation and Prosthetic Design after Van Nes Rotationplasty of the Left Leg Due to Severe Burn Contractures in a Patient with Contralateral Amputated Right Femur: A Case Report

    M Tyllianakis, A Panagopoulos*, K Fokas, Argyriadi E and P Megas

    The Open Orthoapedics Journal, 1874-3250/19

  2. Combined Optimized Effect of a Highly Self-Organized nanosubstrate and an electric field on osteoblast bone cells activity

    Diana V. Portan, Despina D. Deligianni, George C. Papanicolaou, Vassilis Kostopoulos, Georgios C. Psarras, and Minos Tyllianakis

    BioMed Research International Volume 2019, Article ID 7574635, 8 pages

  3. The role of amputative and non-amputative foot deformities severity in the risk for diabetic ulceration classification systems building: a cross-sectional and case-control pilot investigation.

    Kossioris, A., Tentolouris, V., Loupa & Tyllianakis, M

    Pan Afr Med J. 33. (2019)

  4. Neurovascular Bundle Entrapment and Through Knee Amputation After Cerclage Cabling of Distal Femoral Peri-implant Fracture: A Case Report

    Andreas Panagopoulos 1, Ioannis Lachanas 2, Antonis Kouzelis 1, Zinon T Kokkalis 1, Minos Tyllianakis

    JBJS Case Connect 10 (1), e0194, Jan-Mar 2020

Invited speaker

  1. Fractures of the distal femur – treatment options

    AOTrauma Advanced Course, Sofia, 24-27.1.2019

  2. IM nailing – what’s hot what’s not

    AOTrauma Advanced Course, Sofia, 24-27.1.2019

  3. Tibial plateau fractures – early and definitive treatment

    AOTrauma Advanced Course, Sofia, 24-27.1.2019

  4. Complex tibial plateau fractures

    AOTrauma Advanced Principles of Fracture Management, 10–12.4.2019 Sec, Czech Republic

  5. Clinical indications for locked and conventional plating

    AOTrauma Advanced Principles of Fracture Management, 10–12.4.2019 Sec, Czech Republic

  6. Οι ευαίσθητοι μουσικοί ταλαιπωρούν τα νεύρα τους

    Φιλαρμονική Εταιρεία Ωδείο Πατρών, Πάτρα, 20.3.2019

  7. Επιπλοκές ενδαρθρικών κάταγμάτων περιφερικής κνήμης

    75ο Συνέδριο Ελληνικής Εταιρείας Χειρ/κης Ορθ/κης και Τραυματολογίας, Αθήνα, 2-5.9.2019

  8. Evidence Based Medicine – Implications and Limitations

    13rd Annual Congress of the Hellenic Spine Society with the Serbian Spine Society, Ioannina, 31.10.2019 – 3.11.2019

  9. Αποκατάσταση των ενδαρθρικών παραμελημένων καταγμάτων κάτω πέρατος κνήμης

    Μετεκπαιδευτικό μάθημα ΕΕΧΟΤ, 14.2.2020

  10. Κατάγματα σφυρών – Σύγχρονες απόψεις

    Ορθοπαιδική Κλινική Παν/μιου Ιωαννίνων, 20.2.2020