The story of Jimmy

The story of Jimmy from Tanzania was made known to the public by many reports in the electronic media (see relevant links below)

In his case surgery was extremely demanding for us. Contrary to similar cases treated in other countries, we additionally had to operate on a totally scarred, completely closed, atrophied knee with severely distorted anatomy. Using microsurgical techniques, we consequently excised an area of approximately 20 cm around the knee (scar, tendons, muscles, bones) taking great care to avoid any injury to the underlying nerves and vessels entrapped in the scar. We then reversed the remaining distal part 180° and fixed it to the central one with plate and screws. The ankle joint thus became knee and a small prosthesis was applied to the foot later. Another, longer prosthesis, was applied to the other limb that had been amputated in his childhood.

When Alekos and Nafsika Charalambidis, founders of Tanzanis Orphans Mission, brought Jimmy to us, he was a frightened adolescent. Now he walks on his own, is independent, smiles brightly – the way he was made highly popular to the staff of our hospital – and the latest information from Tanzania is that he is in touch with people in the USA and Canada as he plans to study medicine and become a cardiovascular surgeon.

The ultimate joy of a surgeon!

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